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I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Attending my classes provides a social way of getting fit and the enjoyment of being part of a group working towards a common goal. We are family friendly, so bring the kiddos too!  Take a look at what I offer and sign up today.  Plus your 1st class is free!

8-Week Nutrition + Fitness Bootcamp

8-Week Nutrition + Fitness Bootcamp

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Join MissFit's 8-week Health Bootcamp! 

Nutrition + Fitness + Mindset Transformation
With the support of our MissFit Tribe and Coach MissFit, you will get RESULTS.

The goal of this bootcamp is to jump start your nutrition and fitness, and change your mindset so you are supported, empowered, inspired, and launch yourself into feeling confident, healthy and booming with energy!


You will work closely with Coach MissFit. Nutrition is based on eating clean, un-processed foods.  You'll gain strength during weekly workouts to build lean muscles and crush&nb